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TIN-05 Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper by Merci [예약 배송]
판매가 : 328,000원
적립금 : 3,280 (1 %)
제조사 : NLXL
원산지 : Netherlands
수량 :

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TIN-05 Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper by Merci

MERCI opened in march 2009 in the arty neighborhood of Haut Marais in Paris.
More than just a retail project, it is a unique place,
a destination store with 3 cafes and restaurants
as well as a very rich programme of exhibitions and
scenographies that made the reputation of Merci.

Jean-Luc Colonna d’Istria of MERCI:
“In 2009, MERCI selected this vintage ceiling tins
as a decor concept for the Parisien store.
Since the opening, there is not one day whithout seing a visitor taking pictures
of the MERCI tin counter or asking to buy it.
This phenomenon has given MERCI the idea to get together
with NLXL to design and market the wallpaper collection Brooklyn Tins."

Historically, tin ceillings were introduced to North America as an affordable
alternative to the exquisite plaster work used in European homes.
It was between 1890 and 1930 that thin rolled tin-plates
were being mass-produced.
Tin ceilings were traditionally painted white to give the appearance
of hand- carved or molded plaster.
But, today the irregularity and the aging give all the appeal
to this American architecture icon.

NLXL Founder Rick Vintage has a background in interior design.
In 2005 he imported pressed tin plates for a restaurant project in the Netherlands.

“Ever since we installed these tins I knew we had to do
something with this beautiful product.
MERCI is our key account in Paris, so we work very close together
in marketing our wallpaper collections in Paris.
At one of the famous parties during the Paris Design Week
in january 2012 the design team of MERCI asked us
if we were interested to make a wallpaper collection based on vintage tins.
Brooklyn Tins was born.
I think the collection shows the pleasure
we have had in working together on this project.”

- Dimensions : 48.7 x 1000 cm (4.9 ㎡)
- heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top-layer and non-woven backing
- colourfast and washable with a soft cloth
- no wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall
- Fire rating USA ASTM E 84-10 EU B-s1

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